Established in 2013 SONNET ENSEMBLE is a conductor-less string orchestra based in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area. Rehearsing and performing without a conductor, each member contributes his or her musical ideas in the music-making process.

Through the name SONNET (a combination of son, the Latin word for sound, and net for network), the ensemble wishes to convey its dual purpose and inspiration: to express the diverse human passions of Shakespeare’s Sonnets, and create transformative, unifying experiences in an effort to connect the community through sound.

SONNET ENSEMBLE presents concerts biannually in venues around the SF Bay Area including performances by invitation from the Department of Music at Stanford University and the Old First Concert Series in San Francisco. In its pursuit to develop repertoire for the modern string ensemble, in just a few years, SONNET has collaborated and commissioned original works by leading Bay Area composers.

In addition to the standard classical literature, the ensemble also presents compositions that introduce its audience to the Korean/Korean-American experience.

SONNET ENSEMBLE strives to create a musical community to pass down to  generations of musicians to come.